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Aster Public School, Noida Extension

A good education makes students develop personally, socially as well as economically. Education makes us dutiful and helps us acquire new skills and knowledge that will impact our development in life.

Education helps us become good students, parents, entrepreneurs, professionals, and good human beings.

Aster Institutions have the proud distinction of being CBSE schools that provide a wonderfully vibrant learning environment that is hands-on, engaging, and fun. Our schools are filled with inspiring learning centres where students are encouraged to imagine and build, engineer and design, model and create. Science, technology. the arts and mathematics are masterfully integrated to create a wholesome curriculum with a wide range of activities for children of all interests and abilities. Our interactive and interdisciplinary approach fosters critical thinking, active collaboration, creative exploration, and effective communication skills, competencies and attitudes integral to future success.

We place great importance on pastoral care. Our staff of highly qualified and experienced teachers is committed to knowing, understanding and celebrating every child, and leading them to their personal best. Because their voices and opinions are valued, our students freely express their curiosity and creativity, and grow in confidence as leamers. We help our students balance the rigorous programmes of study with extracurricular activities so that they develop their individual interests, passions, and talents.


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