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Learning is a process of experiencing joy and being mindful of oneself. It transcends time, space and thoughts. The moment we realize our inner sensibilities correlating it with outside world or environment, we have set ourselves on the path of joyful learning.

Dear learners, we are all born with unlimited potential, energy and freedom, but we continue to look outward to other people to guide and lead us. Look within, for everything lies within you, your unlimited energy and by being mindful of every action of yours, you create a higher stimulus for learning.

When learning becomes joyful and insightful, it transforms your thoughts of fear, anger, frustration & despair to peace, meditative, uplifting and sense of gratitude.  Dear young learners of Billabong, you shall become the next generation citizens of this great nation, therefore ensure you are empowered with the knowledge of your higher potentials and capabilities.

Life and the world around you offers unexplored opportunities. If you intensely look at nature – the sun, the wind, plants, trees, water continue to give and sustain life on earth because that is what they are meant to do without any discrimination, so too humans are born with higher intelligences to experience this freedom – freedom of creativity, happiness and harmony


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