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BLS World School, Sector 16, Greater Noida

About Us

The challenge of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes but having new eyes.”

We are honoured to have the opportunity to shape the citizens of tomorrow. We take this responsibility very seriously and have set some basic aims for ourselves:

Shining character
we aim that every child should be recognized by his impeccable behaviour and sterling character. We aim to install a set of core values in the child that would keep him on the right track throughout his life.

360 Degree development
Our systems and processes are designed to ensure the overall development of a child’s personality through holistic approach.

IQ – Intelligence quotient
our innovative curriculum and latest teaching methods help the child to learn the basic concepts as well as latest technology advancements. A firm foundation is provided for success in life.

EQ – Emotional Quotient
Besides IQ the student needs to possess strong E Q.  Special emphasis is laid on activities that help to imbibe the values and sensitize them about their surroundings and arouse concern for the same.
SQ – Spiritual Quotient

Success is hollow without inner peace and an unshaken set of core moral values. We endeavour to install high moral values in our students so that they are always on the right path in life.


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