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Good Shepherd Pre-school and Daycare

About Us

Good Shepherd Pre School is one of the oldest and most renowned school serving its children the best of everything. Children need a place where their childhood should be enhanced. We help children to realize their extraordinary capabilities in a well-planned and methodical manner. Good Shepherd nurtures all the toddlers to unlock their inner abilities by providing the atmosphere of affection, warmth and loveliness.
  • Holistic Learning
  • Child-Friendly Infrastructure
  • Safety & Security

Good Shepherd Pre School was born with the desire to cultivate all the necessary life skills during the earliest phases of childhood. Good Shepherd Pre School started its journey on 22nd Feb’1998 with just five students in attendance and presently has a vast experience to take responsibility of holistic development of more than 400 students. The school is equipped with modernized multisensory teaching aids to develop all skills in toddlers and children.


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