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The School of Joyful Learning

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Gyaananda School

The School of Joyful Learning

About Us

Gyaan: Knowledge with its infinite potentialities

Ananda: Bliss attained through knowledge

Gyaananda : Bliss attained through enlightenment

This institution aims at creating a society rooted in the ageless values of Indian heritage committed to the acquisition and generation of knowledge- both local and global.

Attaining knowledge through direct and indirect sources and metamorphosing the concrete into abstract, and hence conceptual. The little step towards gaining knowledge eventually leads to the ultimate self- awareness and self-discovery. Knowledge alone is not powerful unless teamed with application. When that knowledge is applied practically, irrespective of resultant success or failure, it paves way for wisdom.

Gyaananda, premium schooling facility in Gurugram (Dwarka Express way), is a CBSE school with dynamic and progressive pedagogy aiming at creating a community of learners who embody the core of human values coupled with knowledge, skills and competencies fundamental for today.

Our emblem is a depiction of “SARASWAT” – Goddess of Knowledge, who is considered to be the epitome of education, knowledge and wisdom. The fluid nature of Saraswati runs through every student who is an eager beaver- curious and yearning for knowledge of the unknown, who is inquisitive and outlandish.


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