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Kaynat Glorious Public School, Rajpura, Uttar Pradesh

About Us

About Us:

Kaynat Glorious Public School is a co-educational day school established by Kaynat Education Development Society in year 2012. Our campus is located in Rajpura district Sambhal of Uttar Pradesh. Since 1985 Kaynat Education Development Society has remained true to its core principle to care, develop and educate individuals. Kaynat Glorious Public School was founded with an aim for nurturing young minds. The school is a new hope for the people living in the area and aiming to give better environment and education to their children. As a school KGPS has an excellent academic record. KGPS offers a wide-ranging co-curricular program. The school has a diverse Creative and Performing Arts program, an extensive education program and an impressive record of success in a range of sports. The combination of dedicated staff, high quality teaching, well-conceived educational programs and the opportunities offered by our facilities and location, delivers an inspirational environment for students to realise their goals.


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