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Modern School, POORVI MARG, VASANT VIHAR, NEW DELHI – 110 057 New Delhi

About Us

Modern School was born of a noble vision, of the far-sighted endeavours of our founders and the patronage of leaders who fought for India’s Independence. It was in the wake of Mahatma Gandhi’s appeal to create nationalistic institutions to help lead India to freedom, that the idea of Modern School took shape. This clarion call enlivened the vision of Lala Raghubir Singh to found a school which would build leaders and lead the nation to its chosen destiny.

The promise was delivered. As we usher in the Centenary Celebrations in 2020, Modern School has created a legacy of leaders who have helped place India in the world, as a beacon of justice and peace, and on the frontiers of enterprise and innovation.

As heirs to this tremendous legacy, Modern School students have pledged to always be custodians of their cherished institution and uphold its ideals.

Interwoven with our ideals of liberty, freedom, right and justice, are the nationalistic ideals of Naam, Namak and Nishaan.
To our brave forces these three words are beacons that give them their unrelenting strength and valour in the face of supreme sacrifices.

Naam – Honour to the Indian Regiment, to the Indian Identity.

Namak – Loyalty to the salt partaken and debt to the country.

Nishan – Honour to the Indian Flag.

For us civilians, our covenant with Naam, Namak and Nishan is with our family, our community, our temples of learning and work, our country, and our planet.

While providing the finest mentorship for excellence in Academics, Culture and Aesthetics, Modern School engenders the responsibility in each student to bear testimony to the guiding spirits that have infused them with a rich heritage of tradition, spirit of humanism, and independent thought, to in turn be the light for others.

As we march towards our Centennial Year, I trust that Modern School students shall always remember the founding ethos of their beloved Institution ‒ to hold the nation’s destiny in their hands, rise to the challenge at the moment of truth, lead fearlessly, and lead with a conscience.


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