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Sanfort Pre-School, Trikuta Nagar, Jammu

About Us

About Us

Sanforts curriculum involves effective, time-tested elements of traditional learning infused with cutting-edge technology resources, which bridges the learning gap. The curriculum is crafted in the hexagram of ‘Core Value Circle’ which helps children in the Refinement of their senses, Gross Motor Development, Creative Development, Social Development, Psychological/ Personality Development, and Practical life care for Self, Others, and the Environment. The classrooms are set up with world-class technology-enabled teaching tools to make teaching more interesting and effective. Children play on the large touch panels with the specially designed software and simultaneously learn alphabets, numbers, shapes, and many more. The children are taken in an ordered manner through the day to be able to give them a sense of routine to help them settle in a new environment in prospect.


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