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“SSS1008KSS” is a non-profit registered voluntary organization working in Dholpur District of Rajasthan State in a view to develop the down trodden especially dalits, scheduled caste, scheduled tribes, minorities, BPL’s, and other backward communities, welfare of women and child development through education, economic environment, health and cultural programs. A few people who are interested in social work with necessary qualification and experience in the field of development and who have been in one way or the other involved with developmental activities with enthusiasm, interest and commitment come together to work as a group to serve the less privileged strata of society, irrespective of caste or creed. The main motive was integrated their higher to scattered efforts and to participate in the process of development in more systematic and organized manner. The idea of initiating the process of development and the decision. The organization has under taken its all activities by following “Participatory Methodology” for promotion of people’s Participation, Development of ownership, Mentality, leadership quality and sustainability of the activities. By adopting this methodology it has found its great success in every activity. “Action-non thanking” was SPARKED off. The result is “SSS1008KSS”


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