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Sri Krishna Public School, Najafgarh

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To establish an ideal public school, for the growing demand of modern society, where students can get quality education, which is the basic necessity for the upliftment and all-round development of the young generation int he age of science and technology. To achieve the aim, SRI KRISHNA PUBLIC SCHOOL was established w.e.f. 1st April 2002 under the aegis of ‘SRI KRISHNA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY’ Paprawat Road, Najafgarh, a registered society vide Regn. No. 39093 dated 28th March 2001.

Chairman Message:

Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man”-Swami

Children need to gain a deep insight into education as it is the most potent
instrument of bringing out social, political, and economic betterment as well as
the cultural transformation of a nation.
The need of the hour is to explore beyond the horizon and to acquaint our children
with the best that has been known in the world. Education is knitting the world
in a harmonious global fabric. The task of shaping the coming generation in a
natural, harmonious and progressive pattern lies with the adult members of
the society. Caring for children and feeling responsible for the holistic
progress of every child would form the basis for all decisions.
For the aforesaid task, the school lays emphasis on the education system which
would continuously refine the dynamic balance, being the key agent of
socialization and being the driver of social change enabling our students to
become self-disciplined, self-reliant, rational, and coping change.


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