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St. Prayag Public School, Pitam Pura, New Delhi

About Us

St. Prayag Public School is now functioning in the 24th year of its promising and dedicated career as a staunch believer in its cherished quest for excellence in quality education and in its solemn mission to prepare noble and responsible future citizens of our country.

We at St Prayag strongly believe in actively inculcating in our students, the sterling values of truth sincerity, patriotism and universal peace and brotherhood through various curricular and co-curricular well planned school activities.

Our staff and students continue to be deeply inspired by our proud motto “Enlighten Yourself” and consistently focus all their energy and efforts on living up to the letter and spirit of the Motto.

We are humbly and sincerely resolved to cherish and strengthen all our educational initiatives and programmes in the school to live up to the ideal of a community friendly and patriotic value-based educational institution committed to the sacred cause of quality education, noble patriotism and peaceful universal brotherhood.


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