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Suncity School, Sector 37D, Gurugram

About Us

Suncity School, Sector-37D, is spread over five acres of land, in the heart of New Gurugram with easy access to Dwarka and all of Gurugram. Its state of the art infrastructure makes it one of its kind in the area.

Suncity is a co – educational school, engendering gender parity, mutual respect for and among all members of the institution and has a strict non – discrimination policy on the basis of sex, religion, creed or class. In adopting the cultural ideology of ‘Collaboration’ Suncity makes all the stakeholders- Students, Teachers and Parents equal partners in the process of learning. We empower students to take on active roles in their own progress and build within them the intrinsic ethos of ‘Sanskaars’ and uniquely engage them while promoting a culture reinforcing the joy of lifelong learning and meaningful existence.

Suncity School is a K-12 school and has opened admissions for students from Pre – Nursery to Grade IX & XI for the year 2021-22. The average class strength of Pre Nursery is 20 students and the teacher student ratio is 1:10. The average class strength of Nursery & Kindergarten is 24 students and the teacher student ratio is 1:12 thus facilitating individualized attention. Grade I onwards the average class strength is 28 students, ably managed by the Class Teacher and other faculty members.

The school follows Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum and is essentially a day school, providing a vast range of Co- Scholastic activities during and after school hours for the overall development of the children. Suncity School emphasizes on the holistic development of its students and offers a programme which seamlessly blends significant elements of Indian heritage, knowledge and wisdom with cutting edge digital learning, in an atmosphere which epitomizes


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