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The Crayons School

About Us

At The Crayons, we are committed to nurturing happy individuals. We are committed to supporting the growth in children’s minds, bodies, and souls, through an integrated, holistic curriculum that challenges and elevates all aspects of the child. Our educational philosophy is based on the image of the child as being infinitely curious, capable of complex thinking and ripe in making connections. We believe that learning is an active process and not the transmission of pre-packaged information.

Our Values

  • Development: Identify the development needs of our children and provide a stimulating environment to achieve them.
  • Cultural: Imbibe rich and diversified cultural values in our kids through various celebrations.

  • Excellence: Continual commitment to high levels of quality and professionalism.

  • Integrity: Demonstrate positive personal values in all we do and say. Be sincere and real.

  • Community: Provide awareness and engagement in community activities.


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