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Veda Vyasa DAV Public School, Rd Number 236, D Block, Vikaspuri, New Delhi, Delhi

About Us

Veda Vyasa DAV Public School has its commemorative association with the great self educator Shri Veda Vyasa whose legacy is an abiding  source of inspiration for all of us.  The school today enjoys a reputation for outstanding performance in academics, sports and other co curricular activities and it is renowned for its Excellence in the field of education. It has an  experienced faculty and  a wonderful  body of students . It endeavours to provide value based education and lays emphasis on character building thus adopting a holistic approach in grooming young minds. It nurtures a vision of shaping the destiny of our nation of taking her from darkness to light with a    modest and humble beginning the institution

Vedic  Education :- The Vedas  signify the ancient principles that are the immortal milestones that guide us in our noble odyssey of spreading  the light of knowledge.   Education in school  is an amalgamation  of the ancient Vedic values and contemporary scientific temperament alongwith the intellectual development.  Class wise Hawans  are organized to inculcate  a sense of honour and pride in our  culture and  heritage .  Emphasis  is  laid on Indian Culture,  its values, Nationalism and right of freedom.

Infractural Facilities :- Over the years the school has acquired  a very  impressive infrastructure with  air conditioned  classes in  pre- school with well ventilated classrooms,  tech savy laboratories in all the 3 wings Computer , Science  and  Mathematics Laboratories, Yoga centre,  Seminar Room  Music, Dance and Sports Rooms,   Auditorium, Resource centre, Conference hall   Smart classrooms, and  vast play ground.

Smart Classes  –  The school provides a smart curriculum in each class for all students.  The  smart classes are equipped with the computers, large screen display  devices embedded in rolling white boards and a large panel interactive electronic white board with LCD projection system.  The classroom turn into lively platforms for learning where teaching happens through digital instruction material, 3 D animated modules and  Videos.

Students Council :- A team  of students at the  Primary, Middle and Senior  classes  are  appointed  and  the prestigious Council Ministers   are give  them an opportunity  to contribute their bit to the administration of the school and  helps to foster   in them a sense of responsibility,

Scholastic:- The school organizes and participates in various International/National/State/ Zonal  competitions and activities . There  are various Inter school and Intra school competitions  like  singing  drama, essay writing, painting, rangoli, bulletin board decoration, art  and craft, elocution, Yoga, various athletic events etc., The students actively participate in health  melas, health camps, national  health programmes.


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