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Vidya Jain Public School, Rohini, Delhi

About Us

This 14th century old English proverb holds so much significance in education that it inspires us never to give up, and to always remember that great things indeed come from small beginnings.

Our Founder Smt. Vidyawati Jain encapsulated the vision of providing children with delightful and edifying learning experiences, while continuously incorporating the distinct attributes of a futuristic school.

At Vidya Jain Public School we believe that “It is our privilege, our responsibility, to raise the next generation”.Thus the School provides a progressive, conducive, learning culture for one and all.

The school has followed an academic method since its beginning in 1980 in order to ensure excellence in curricular and co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities and sports are the core of effective education, as they not only satisfy students’ aesthetic and creative desires, but also help them develop a positive self-concept and sense of accomplishment through participation and stage exposure.

What defines the school as progressive in the profound sense is that it has grown, transformed, and developed over the previous decade while maintaining the values that it symbolizes. Numerous opportunities for students to develop their identities through the Life Skills Program, Fine Arts, and Sports, with a concentration on academic prowess.


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