Confidence: Let’s wear it

Confidence: Let’s wear it ,“Confidence” A word which looks simple and easy but that is difficult to understand. There are also subparts of confidence like self-confidence, overconfidence, positive confidence.

Many questions also arise in my mind.

Do they puzzle you also?

So let’s find the solution to the biggest questions we face.

(1)        Can confidence lead to success?

(2)        Why is this confidence necessary or important in one’s life?

(3)        What are confidence issues?

(4)        What causes lack of confidence?

(5)        How can one improve and gain confidence?

Confidence also has two sides of the same coin, we people aren’t born with the confidence one has to gain it.

Let me tell you there are also some confident people who are good enough to speak, to represent themselves but lost their confidence with their experiences and issues they have faced, but also there are some people who aren’t even able to speak remain quiet and silent but they worked hard and gained their self-confidence. We can say overcoming the fear is a part of gaining confidence.

We can notice both aspects in our day to day life as earlier said “confidence” is a word which looks simple and easy but difficult to understand.

So let me clear you that:-

(1)        We are the one who have created rumors for this word confidence.

(2)         We are the one who started judging people on the grounds of their hobbies, way of speaking, dress sense, their color etc.

(3)        We are the one who created this beautiful word out of fear.

I want to make you understand that let’s put on your confidence the way you put your clothes every morning.

Let’s start to motivate ourselves by reminding:

(a)        When you catch yourself in the mirror don’t pick up on every single flaw instead tell yourself that you are doing great everyday then carrying yourself with confidence will eventually become second to you and you will feel much better about yourself.

(b)        Sometimes we don’t give ourselves the respect we deserve, then how can we expect gaining respect from others so make yourself your best friend and examine your mistakes and correct them.

(c)        I will also advise you to be a part of positive surroundings not just your thoughts but everything, if certain friends and family have negative thoughts or comments which hurt you and let you down surround yourself with the people who encourage you and want the best for you because you attract what you think. Getting out of a toxic environment and socializing can be a huge confidence booster.

(d)        Concentrate on yourself, try to find a hobby/ positive outlet that stops you from overthinking, take up the reading which would enhance your speaking skills as well as vocabulary, if you have speaking phobia try to speak more and more even when people do not like, that would banish your inner critic.

(e)        Last but not the least, express yourself, never underestimate the power of a good pampering session and appreciate all the lovely things in your life right this moment and take the time to be mindful.

  • Wear  your confidence because when you wear your confidence you walk with your hands up.
  •  Wear  your confidence because to remind that you are unique and one-of-a-kind

 Confidence is a part of your personality that is why everyone wants to be confident for succeeding in life.Self confidence is often linked with possessing certain knowledge, skills and abilities.Many people lack confidence because they feel that they lack in a certain competency.Learning and growing everyday is the way to overcome the issues that make you feel low.


Whenever you get into a situation where you don’t feel confident, ask yourself: Why am I not feeling confident? Where is this uncertainty coming from? What am I attaching my self-worth to?When you become aware of what you are linking your worth to, release yourself of the limiting belief that you can only feel worthy or confident when you meet certain prerequisites. When you do that, you will find yourself filled with a sense of self-worth that is there no matter what happens. You will find that this self-worth is what leads you to the outcomes you desire and helps you become your highest self.

These quotes from John Eliot sum this up perfectlyConfidence is not a guarantee of success, but a pattern of thinking that will improve your likelihood of success, a tenacious search for ways to make things work.

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