Searching for teaching jobs in India? Here are some secrets that you all need to know

India has been a place where people have been continuously struggling for getting the desired job. Finding a teaching job in India has never been so easy for educational professionals.Each day we receive 100+ inquiries asking “How to get the best teaching job easily in Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Patna, Chennai, Jaipur? , How to apply for teaching jobs anywhere in India? , Where to apply for a good teaching opportunity? I want a principal job “?  “TGT teachers vacancy” and similarly many more. Understanding the concern of teachers, we thought to come up with this detailed piece of information and help you out in making a fruitful career as a teacher and an educational leader.

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Many a time someone else grabs the opportunity you have been desperately looking for.
There are thousands of aspirants who get their dream teaching jobs easily but not because they are more talented or capable than you, rather they stand out due to their innovative approach towards the teaching profession. Nowadays, landing a teachers’ job is not as easy as it was in the past, due to the fact that schools now expect significantly more from educators. To be an impactful teacher you need to have that extra zing to be a good mentor, pioneer, and specialist in educational programs. Here are some principal steps that you can follow to improve your chances of selection while searching for a teaching job anywhere in India–

Planning and preparation Good preparation is vital for being selected as a teacher. You have to be prepared by knowing where and when to for the teaching jobs, especially in India. To gather this information, the most ideal approach is online teacher job portals for human resource departments at schools, attending job fairs, and keeping in touch with teacher recruitment consultancies. Sometimes even relocating to another place can help you since that place might have relatively more openings for suitable teaching jobs that you’ve been looking for.

Make a professional profile/resume –Your resume is taken as a reflection of your personality. Schools often receive thousands of applications and in order to get selected, your resume really needs to be genuine, effective, and more convincing to the recruiters.
Make a professional resume by highlighting your strengths, accomplishments; audio/video demonstrations, etc.
Resume must consist of a clear passport size photograph printed on resume, full name, detailed address, date of birth, hobbies, education, work experience, and mention the books/journals/research papers/guide if you’ve read any.
Avoid forwarding your resume in image format or any other unsupportable format.
Prefer sending it in PDF format so that recruiters shouldn’t face any problem while opening up your file.
Your curriculum vitae should be the updated one with all the educational and work experience details.
Once you’re ready with your pro-resume then you can upload your resume on online portals to get shortlisted by the schools.
Your job objective should be impressive enough to get you selected, more importantly, it should be genuine to grab the opportunity because authenticity is key to grow.

Prepare for the interview –
Once you are done with the resume, next comes the interview. You need to come across as a relaxed and confident individual to handle even the toughest of interviews. Gone are the days when one used to prepare self for the interview by practicing the run-of-mill questions like “tell me about yourself”, “Where do you see yourself in the next few years”. Nowadays, it is more important to acquaint yourself with the school where you are being interviewed, its activities and about the students and other staff. You ought to get ready to discuss your own particular qualities and learning of distinguished instructions, lecture planning, innovation in the classroom, classroom administration, and parental correspondence. Your preparation should show an attitude of problem solving and creativity, and make sure 80% of your preparation activities should be school and students oriented.

Make sure all your teaching job qualities and skills are known by holding workshops /Special certifications –
You may be searching for teaching jobs considering the subjects like English, Hindi, History, Science, Mathematics, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, French, Spanish, Geography, Physical Education, Social Science,  online teaching jobs, etc., make sure that your application showcase all the special skills you have. In case you speak another language, have a flair for writing, are exceptional in extracurricular activities and sports, you need to highlight these talents without any fail.

Schools always look out for those individuals who can give them something extra as a service to their school organization. The school recruiters are always eager to know your inherent potential and this enhances your job prospects. Your teaching portfolio should cater to the needs of the school you are applying for, hence you should highlight those. You can start by inviting parents and students and teaching them something really which can sound exciting for you and them as well. This is a great way to interact and get engaged with the community folks around you and if you are able to create a bond with them, getting a job in that place becomes much easier due to good responses from their end.

To get a good teaching job, you need to be abreast yourself with advancements in pedagogy and technology as well. Broadening your teaching skills by doing pedagogical, technical courses from reputed organizations makes you attractive to employers. Avoid mentioning the things which aren’t aware or that you’ve never been into. This may spoil get you caught and lose the opportunity. Act smartly and wisely!

Sub in the school or district –Subbing is the most effective way to get noticed since you get to meet the faculty and other people from various schools. You need to establish contacts here with almost everybody in the place where you are subbing so that they can help you find a permanent teaching position. Working as a substitute teacher also helps you understand your strong areas and subjects that interest you. It gives you free access to teachers who are working on the subject with you and helps you share your ideas.

Nothing can be better than this service if you’re a born change maker. If you have any query then please feel to contact us, we’d love to assist you.

Happy Teaching!

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