How to Secure a Job in Lockdown?

How to Secure a Job in Lockdown- Unemployment has become the new normal in developing nations like India in the present year. Not just one or two, but the economy of all nations has suffered immensely as an after effect of corona virus lockdown. So, if you too have lost your job, and looking for ways to survive the economic recession, then you can follow the below tips to find a job in lockdown.

Self Introspection:

The suggestion of self introspection might feel a little awkward during this panic situation. Most of us fail to understand the fact that this COVID 19 has affected our body, but the nationwide lockdown has severally impacted our brain since it has destroyed our peace of mind. Introspection will help us remember our hidden talents, and how we can use them to earn money online.

Freelancing Work Opportunities:

People who had been doing great at their jobs have also lost their jobs, and finding a new job with the same or a better package is not as easy as it feels. In case, you are not ready to compromise with your position or pay, then you can also consider working as a freelancer. This way, you can follow social distancing and continue your work from home.

Use Social Media:

Okay, so this process is not as simple as it appears. You will have to shortlist the available opportunities according to your profile and expectations. You can find the advertisements on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You can also apply at Job Vacancies in School if you are seeking a job in pre schools and standard schools. Just send your application/resume and they will call you if they find you perfect.

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